The Tradition of giving the Worst Gifts needs to be Broken

Worst Gifts a reality during Occasions a blog on Love to Have Social Gifting Network

There is you who puts in all efforts and thoughts on a gift for someone months before the occasion. Not a single shopping site left which you haven’t checked up. There is not a single blog on ‘Best gifts‘ which you haven’t looked up for those ‘awesome ideas’. You pay attention to what people might need or want as a gift. You are the generous gift giver who expects the same amount of thoughtfulness from others when it comes to receiving gifts.

And then there’s a person within your social circle who is the salt to your coffee. This person does not fret much about what gift to give. Maybe he walks into a shop for ‘the gift’ minutes or a night before meeting you.

There’s a point one percent chance that such a gift turns out to be actually liked by the receiver. But the remaining percentage leaves the receiver with a dumb, lame, undesirable gift in their possession.

You might have surely been a victim of or a witness to one such ‘Worst gifts’. It can be a relative who thinks you’re still twelve at twenty-one. It can be a friend who does not bother about your likes, as long as he is able to be get done with this ritual of giving gifts on certain occasions (because giving is exhausting and receiving is not). It can be you who does not realize what occasion it is when buying your mom her birthday gift.

Still a kid for them:

You drop a hint at your aunt that you need new shoes with all those office-outing plans going on. And this hint because your birthday is weeks before that outing. So your aunt being the sweetest and thoughtful angel that she is, gifts you a big box of something. Your smile widens when you actually get me a pair of… wait… a pair of Teddy bear shoes? Your eyes swell up at the sight. Now it’s you who will have to spend money on real shoes.

It’s her birthday and she is off duty:

We tend to gift moms stuff like Teflon nonstick cookware for her kitchen, even on her birthday. She may tell you straight-off that it’s her birthday party, not her housewarming party. And you are left awkward realizing what all you could’ve given her that were not cooking related.

Technically your birthday isn’t yours to plan:

You may have your birthday planned weeks before. So you pack up quickly after office and rush to your apartment for a night of Netflix, Nachos and drool-ing sleep. Just as you are unlocking the door you may be welcomed by a bunch of people with stupid caps on shouting at the top of their lungs, “Surrrprise!!!”

Yeah. You are…

So guys, just because you like something does not mean everyone else would too.
No, you don’t need to go overboard but a little sensitivity towards someone’s likes and dislikes could actually make their day! So toss a little effort with generosity and there! yours will never make it to the list of ‘worst gifts’.

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